Joining Sigma Tau Delta in Louisville

Our judges’ decisions about the submissions for the 2017 Convention have been made. You should have received an email from today. Thank you to all of those who submitted; and to those who have been invited to present, let me offer our congratulations!

If you received such an invitation, your first task should be to complete the participant confirmation form. You get to this form by clicking on the Hubb link in our recent email; the link is unique to each participant and leads you to a user portal that asks for additional information. Click here for a complete list of accepted papers (listed by school).

For those who were not accepted this time around, you received my personal invitation to sign up to chair a session—an important job at convention, and one that ensures your name appears in the program as a participant. Again, follow the instructions in that email in order to complete the Session Chair Volunteer Form.

We will send out a call for moderators next week. In the meantime, information about this important role is available on the website.

Complete information about how to take full advantage of the convention appears at  There, you will learn more about

On behalf of the more than 130 judges who evaluated over 900 submissions, I applaud the hard work and tremendous potential we saw this year. Should you have questions, contact us via email at  I encourage you to join us at the 2017 Convention in Louisville!

Shannin SchroederShannin Schroeder, 2017 Convention Chair