Five Ways to Prepare for Convention

Dear 2019 Convention Attendees: The Sigma Tau Delta 2019 International Convention in St. Louis, MO, is just around the corner and as everyone makes final preparations to embark on this annual pilgrimage, here are five last-minute tips to help you prepare for your trip! The First Way: Download Our Convention App In addition to this […]

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Work of English Major

The Work of an English Major

When I started college, back in the last century, I was only the second person in my family to attend. My brother had started an engineering degree, but didn’t finish it. I began college as an English/Philosophy double-major because a family friend told me that was the best preparation that a lawyer could have, and […]

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Submit to the 2019 Convention

Photo Source: Fashion Video About Edna Mode From The Incredibles Monday, October 1, our submissions system for the Sigma Tau Delta 2019 International Convention in St. Louis, MO, opened up wide and said to the world, “Send me stuff!” It didn’t really open its arms to embrace the world, but I like to think of […]

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Featured-Share Your Work in Progress

Share Your “Work in Progress”

Although it is now August, a few lines from Tess Taylor’s poem “High July” (from our 2019 Common Reader, Work & Days) resonate with me as I think about the coming fall: We watch—mere human perception— baffled again when did it happen everything humid this weedy too-muchness In New Jersey, everything is much too humid; […]

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