Celebrating Poetry in the Twin Cities

Great Lakes Ballroom B-C, L4 March 2, 2016 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Gary Dop
Bao Phi


Marisa Carr, The Loft Literary Center (MN)
Gary Dop, Randolph College (VA)
Bao Phi, The Loft Literary Center (MN)


Danielle Martin, Midwestern Region Associate Student Representative, Missouri State University (MO)
Emily Spangler, Eastern Region Associate Student Representative, Shepherd University (WV)
Jonathan Martin, Southwestern Region Associate Student Representative, Oklahoma Christian University (OK)

Join us as we open the 2016 “Finding Home” convention with a celebration of literature’s oldest genre—poetry—by some of literature’s newest poets. Marisa Carr, Gary Dop, and Bao Phi will be performing their poetry for us. Gary already has found a home with Sigma Tau Delta, as he returns to us for his eighth convention. Marisa and Bao are already home in the Twin Cities, and are part of The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.