The ABCs of Convention

Salon A-D, 2 March 27, 2019 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

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New to convention? Attending alone?

Abecedarian: “a person who is inexperienced in a particular subject; a novice” (OED)

Convention can be overwhelming, especially with so many activities from which to choose, as well as an entire new city to explore. At past conventions, first-time and solo attendees have told us stories of being “adopted” by a larger chapter or of having found a convention buddy on their own. But breaking out of our comfort zones when we’re in a new place, surrounded by hundreds of other new people, can be difficult.

This quick and informal meeting will help you learn how to navigate through convention, giving you recommendations for making the most of your time and introducing you to other Abecedarians. Student Leaders will also be on hand to make suggestions about getting the most out of the 2019 Convention. You will leave this event knowing more about what to expect from the convention, but you are also sure to connect with other lone attendees or first-timers.

Presenter: Sarah Dangelantonio, Franklin Pierce University (NH)