Career Workshop: From Surviving to Thriving -I

Gateway 2, 2 March 28, 2019 9:30 am - 10:45 am

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Not every English major comes from a privileged background, or even a background with social or economic stability. Those of us who don’t, or who are first-generation college students, often contend with families and friends who question whether what we do is “useful” or whether we will be able to build stable and fulfilling lives with the skills we gain by studying English. Nicole Hallberg will share her own experience and lead workshop participants through a process identifying the skills they’ve gained in their coursework and how to reframe those as professional skills.

Nicole will also be available Thursday and Friday for one-on-one mentoring sessions where she can help you revise and reframe your resume. You will find the sign-up for appointments on the app under this event.
Nicole Hallberg is a freelance copywriter and “resume doctor.” Nicole’s work can be found on her professional portfolio at and on her personal blog at