Chairs play a major role in facilitating each session, introducing the session topic, the presenters, and the titles of their individual papers. A few words about each presenter—year or class rank, university affiliation, and academic interests—can also make each session friendlier and more relaxed. While the faculty moderator will be assigned in advance for the session, a quick-witted chair might also need to locate a faculty member willing to serve for an absent moderator. Chairs promote the congenial atmosphere necessary for collaboration and discussion. They model the best kind of session participation, often even asking questions during the moderator-led Q & A and demonstrating their careful attention to the subjects of the papers.

Chair assignments are listed on the Schedule of Concurrent Sessions of Presenters, Chairs and Moderators.


A Reminder to All Attendees

Help your colleagues to remember: do not enter or exit a room while a presenter is at the podium; wait until the applause between presenters for your cue to leave or enter.