It’s that time of year again! Submissions are being accepted now through Monday, October 24, 2016, for the Sigma Tau Delta 2017 International Convention. Convention Chair Shannin Schroeder has assembled a brief list of reasons to submit a paper for the convention in Louisville, KY, March 29-April 1, 2017.

Reasons to Submit: 4th Street Live, Louisville, KY

4th Street Live, Louisville, KY

Reasons to Submit a Paper

  1. Because that amazing critical essay you wrote in spring of 2016 is just sitting there, doing nothing.
  2. Because you read Megan Mayhew Bergman’s Almost Famous Women—and you can’t wait to compare your favorite short story from the collection to that other favorite. You know the one.
  3. Because you want to spend April 1 in the beautiful city of Louisville, KY, where 50° is the average low. No fooling.
  4. Because something is calling you to share your [intentionally] bad poetry with a room full of happily booing students from around the world.
  5. Because you want to organize a roundtable around gaming. Or manga…or, uhm, digital literacy. No, banned books! Relax. You still have plenty of time to narrow to your best idea and get friends (in your chapter and beyond) on board.
  6. Because the first-ever SigmaCon invites you to cosplay … whether you’re a Garnet or more of a Gatsby.
  7. Because your chapter member is submitting the best flash fiction collection ever, and you want to be there when she reads, if only to hold her newly-adoring fans at bay.
  8. Because the October 24 deadline still gives you plenty of time to read our hints for successful submissions.
  9. Because evaluators are standing by right now, waiting to read your work. But wait, there’s more! Attend and you receive a Sigma Tau Delta name badge absolutely free (just pay the cost of shipping … you to convention).
  10. Because spending three days listening to talented speakers, networking for graduate school or the working world, polishing your scholarship application, and hearing your peers’ ideas could only be capped by reading your own work!
Reasons To Submit: Dry T-shirt Contest

Dry T-shirt Contest at the 2016 Convention


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Shannin SchroederShannin Schroeder
2017 Convention Chair