Our annual international convention is the ultimate Sigma Tau Delta experience—a truly unique and amazing opportunity to spend four event-filled days with well over 1,000 students, faculty, and respected authors who share your love of English. To make it possible for chapters to send multiple attendees, convention planners work hard to keep convention expenses low and to offer a number of discounts and reimbursements.

How to earn $300 for Your Chapter
Chapters and Individual Members
Advice from Sponsors on Seeking Funding
Fundraising Blogs

How to Earn $300 for Your Chapter

  1. Decide who from your chapter will be the official voting delegate (only one per chapter is allowed).
  2. This student member must attend the General Business Meeting & Regional Caucus on Friday.
  3. Fill out the form provided at the meeting and return it at the Regional Caucus.
  4. A reimbursement check of $300 ($600 for chapters outside of the continental US) will be mailed shortly after the convention.

Note: Chapters should decide ahead of time whether the funds should be used by the chapter’s student delegate for his/her expenses or whether the money should be returned to the chapter treasury.

Chapters and Individual Members

Chapter merchandise at the 2016 Convention

While fundraising is a necessary activity for every Sigma Tau Delta chapter—and although attending convention may not be the only (or even primary) use of your fundraising energies—the opportunity to attend and present at the convention can generate renewed enthusiasm and creativity for fundraising. Attendees also return home with exciting new ideas and resources for projects and activities that will bring in money for your chapter next year.

Our student leaders and convention planners have the following suggestions for obtaining funding for convention travel.

Apply for Awards

Sigma Tau Delta gives away thousands of dollars each year in project grants, service projects, and chapter awards for outstanding chapters and publications.

Hold a Common Reader Event

Each Regent offers $100 for up to 10 chapters in the region that host an activity connected to the Common Reader, The Book of Unknown Americans. The application for these funds (Regents Common Reader Awards) is quick and easy to complete.

Plan Fundraising Events

Those annual chapter reports and conversations with past student leaders have provided numerous suggestions for effective fundraising events and activities. Check out Chapter Life: Fundraising for ideas.

Submit Your Strongest Works

More than $10,000 will be given in convention awards for the best submitted works. These awards are highly competitive, so enlist the help of Sponsors and faculty mentors as you select and revise submissions, or take the time as a chapter to help each other revise and polish before submitting.

Make Hotel Plans Early

Reserve your hotel rooms no later than February 28, 2018, and be sure to ask for Sigma Tau Delta’s special convention rates. These rates will be available until our room block is full. Make your reservations early so you can make sure your group gets the rooms you need.

Share a Room; Save BIG

If you have an odd number of people, consider finding roommates from other Sigma Tau Delta chapters. Sharing hotel rooms, whether or not you room with your own chapter members, can cut down on expenses and create lasting friendships. Contact the Central Office if you are looking for a roommate(s).

Use Early Registration Discount

Register before January 22, 2018, to take advantage of the early registration fee.

Explore Travel Options

Apply for Awards and Scholarships

In addition to the chapter awards and the convention awards, Sigma Tau Delta gives away over $80,000 each year for individual awards and scholarships. Such awards may allow you to set aside money for attending the convention. Work with your Sponsor and other faculty in revising your applications.

Advice from Sponsors on Seeking Funding

Sponsor and Students

We encourage Sponsors to plan early to 1) solicit travel funds, 2) take advantage of Society discounts and reimbursement opportunities, and 3) explore cost saving strategies to minimize travel expenses.

Funding Sources

Chapter Sponsors can often solicit funds from their own English/related departments, but they might also consider approaching deans or provosts, student government associations, offices in Student Affairs, the Honors College or Program, university foundations, chapter alumni, or the provosts, vice-presidents, or president.

Fundraising Tips

You can find many fundraising tips on our website. Remember to:

Fundraising Blogs

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